5 Top Date Ideas for Newport Beach

5 Top Date Ideas for Newport Beach

Cruise the Bay

Set sail on a delightful bay cruise and savor the gentle caress of a warm summer breeze with your beloved! Newport Beach's climate sets the ideal backdrop for a day spent on the water, and securing an electric boat is a breeze. Local rental providers like Duffy Electric Boat Rentals, Lido Marina Village Electric Boat Rental, and Newport Beach Boat Rentals, among others, offer convenient options to reserve your vessel.

Picnic at Crystal Cove State Park

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city with a romantic beach picnic at Crystal Cove State Park. Pack a basket filled with gourmet treats, a bottle of wine, and a cozy blanket, then head to one of the park's secluded coves for a private dining experience by the sea. Watch the waves crash against the shore as you savor delicious food and enjoy each other's company in this picturesque setting.

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Dining Out

Dining in Newport Beach sets the perfect stage for a romantic date night that's sure to sweep you and your loved one off your feet. Picture-perfect sunsets paint the sky as you indulge in a culinary journey through this coastal paradise. Whether you're seeking intimate candlelit dinners or waterfront dining with panoramic ocean views, Newport Beach offers an array of enchanting options to set the mood just right. From upscale seafood restaurants serving the freshest catches to charming bistros offering farm-to-table fare, each establishment promises an unforgettable experience infused with romance and charm. With its captivating ambiance and culinary delights, Newport Beach sets the scene for a date night that's as magical as it is delicious. Below are some of our top favorite go-to date night spots!

Romantic Restaurants We Love

A Restaurant - Newport Beach
It's a fun vibrant scene with great steaks, cocktails, and a moody city like vibe.

Bayside Restaurant
A locals favorite, live piano and singing every night with a large circular bar.

Buddha’s Favorite
An intimate sushi spot on the harbor. Dock and dine in Newport.

CDM Restaurant
Restaurant for a romantic evening filled with exquisite drinks and refined American cuisine. Delight in menu favorites such as artisanal pastas, wood-fired pizzas, crisp salads, succulent seafood, and juicy steaks. Insider tip: Should the evening be going swimmingly, venture downstairs to the speakeasy for a nightcap (or two).

The Dock
Yet another beloved spot for a romantic evening in Newport, The Dock presents outdoor dining options and a menu featuring appetizers, a selection of fresh seafood, and delicious main courses such as local duck breast and lamb chops.

The Side Door
An exceptionally cozy and charming establishment that beckons you to don chunky knits, indulge in decadent dishes, and enjoy generous pours. The warm glow of their fireplace casts a forgiving light, evoking delightful memories of the classic English country pub scenes from "The Holiday."

Royal Hen
A cherished destination on Balboa Island, Royal Hen offers a refined, modern take on California cuisine paired with an exceptional assortment of wines from independent growers and craft beers.

A classy neighborhood hangout with polished service and wine country-inspired cuisine with a European spin.

Topside at LidoHouse 
Being the sole rooftop bar in Newport, Topside naturally stands out as a favorite spot for drinks. Enjoy fantastic beverages and stunning vistas of your beloved city while bonding with your companion.

Yuzu Sushi
High grade sushi and cocktails. Cute neighborhood spot off the beaten path.

Balboa Island Adventure

Embark on a charming escapade to Balboa Island, just a short ferry ride from Newport Beach. Stroll hand in hand along Marine Avenue, lined with quaint boutiques, art galleries, and cozy cafes. Indulge in a famous Balboa Bar or frozen banana as you explore the island's culinary delights. For an extra dose of romance, rent a tandem bicycle and pedal along the scenic waterfront path, soaking in the island's idyllic charm.

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Sunset Beach Bonfire

Create lasting memories with a romantic beach bonfire at one of Newport Beach's fire pits. Pick up some firewood, marshmallows, and a blanket, then cozy up next to the crackling flames as you watch the sun dip below the horizon. Whether you're sharing stories, roasting marshmallows, or simply gazing at the stars, a beach bonfire offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable evening together.

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